Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twonky Mobile brings wireless media beaming to Android

Most high-end Android phones now ship with wireless, media streaming apps that support DLNA devices, but many older phones can also enjoy this cool feature with free apps from the Android Market.

One of the most popular DLNA apps is Twonky Mobile which we first looked at last year. It was recently updated with a new look and you can download it free for a limited time.

Twonky Mobile scans your phone for music, photos and video and shares the media it finds with UPnP or DLNA-certified devices on your home network. This means you can take media on your Android phone and share it with your Xbox, PS3, or internet connected TV with the push of a button.

I’ve read some mixed reviews on the Market, but most of them are positive and I’ve had a good experience myself when using Twonky Mobile. Make sure you visit the Twonky site or official DLNA page if you need more information on wireless media sharing.

With Twonky Mobile, you can:
  • ·         Take a video you shot with your phone and instantly share it on the big screen
  • ·         Stream a great podcast or Pandora music to your home stereo
  • ·         Share a photo from an email with a digital picture frame
 {Written by: Androidandme


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