Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Rumors on the Motorola Olympus!

Yesterday we publish an article talking about how the Motorola’s Olympus Android phone is supposed to look like. (Click here to view that post.) But early this morning an “An anonymous source” is telling DroidDog and Gizmodo that “while the phone in the image below definitely resembles the Motorola Olympus it’s actually being referred to internally as Etna–more likely a tribute to the world’s largest active volcano than to the LG device by the same name.”

So what Phone is this!

The “Tipster” had said that the Motorola New Smartphone, (I’m going to call it like that since we are yet to confirm the new name,) is “NOT” getting the new a dual core Processor but a single core clocked at 2GHz. The “Tipster” also says “it feels like an EVO, so a 4+ display is likely. It has front and rear cameras (as can be surmised fro the photo) and will launch on Verizon’s LTE network in Q1 with Gingerbread.

So with this we now know that Motorola is developing “two” Smartphone one for Verizon and one (as Droiddog had said) is simply headed for another network, like AT&T.

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