Monday, November 29, 2010

New leak on the LG Star! What it have a HDMI port

We had seen some pics of the LG Star before – some where around two weeks ago – and it hasn’t change that much since then. A member of, some how score big with these prototypes of the LG Smartphone and show off with some pics. The only thing that did change and we didn’t knew earlier is the HDMI port

As we know, this phone will be running on Androids 2.2 AKA Froyo. Originally we heard LG was going with a stock build of Android, but the new screens reveal a UI that looks a little like Samsung’s Touchwiz UI with HTC’s Sense UI widgets thrown in.

No carrier partners have been announced, but early renders of the LG Star included Verizon branding and one of our sourced indicated that T-Mobile would pick it up. Sprint and many regional carriers also have a strong relationship with LG, so the Star could show up on a number of carriers.

With the say, if and one a more to have to say about this phone, please do so on the comment box below!

{Via phandroid and its forum}


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