Saturday, November 27, 2010

Androids dominates Symbian in Asia

With the fast growing population of the Androids OS, in no time the domination of the world will be there! In the US it seems that the market is steady growing up the charts, while there are report on the rest of the world.

Starting in Asia, Where their most popular Symbian OS was laid to rest by the Android OS surpassing its lead in the third quarter this year. This news comes according to market research firm GFK Asia, who also report overall Smartphone sales are up from 1.27 million to over 4.7 from the same time last year.

Now in the Nordic regions, research company QAim Oy has reported that Android OS is on the rise. Measuring access requests to Nordic web content, Android are in third place with 9.85 percent, while it was at .83 earlier in the year. They are projecting with this rate of increase that Android will overtake both iOS and Symbian by August 2011. This is all great news for the Android community. Such rapid growth only solidifies how popular the Android OS is becoming. Looking forward, for now at least, there really isn’t any competition.


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